Isis was an important ancient Egyptian moon Goddess who was said to give birth to the sun and sustain all life – also known as “The Great Mother.”

She was most well known as the Goddess of Medicine and Wisdom.  She was also considered the Goddess of Agriculture, Knowledge, Initiation, Fertility, Magic and Domestic Life, among others.  Isis spent time among her people teaching women how to grind wheat and make bread, spin flax and weave cloth.  She also taught her people reading and agriculture.  She was associated with Agriculture and the cycles of the moon – 14 waxing and 14 waning – which are relevant to plant growth, especially in Biodynamic Agriculture and farming practices.

Most importantly, Isis symbolizes healing power.  Biodynamic farming and its methods return the healing element into plants.  The “breath of life” that Isis poured into Osiris (her husband) to revive him is what lies behind the Isis Goddess– just as the Biodynamic farming methods that revitalize the wheat plants used in our flour is what lies behind the Isis Brand.  Our brand is dedicated to healing and renewal.