We are a small family run company owned and operated by Lynda Rockwell. Lynda’s first trip to the Northern Plains in 1982 resulted in her total dedication to the organic industry. For the past 30+ years Lynda has been working to supply domestic and export markets with organic and biodynamic® products. These efforts have supported not only the Northern Plains Sustainable Agricultural Society, that started as a small group of 35 farmers and since has grown to almost 600, but also many other organic farmers outside the group.

Jessica Rockwell joined the ISIS Biodynamic® portion of the company in 2012. Jessica had grown up around the organic “buzz” at home and as an adult has come to realize the health and overall benefits of the organic lifestyle. A recent university graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and an Associates degree in Merchandising, Jessica brings much knowledge, skill and enthusiasm to the business.

Our farmer, Fred Kirschenmann, converted to Biodynamic® farming from organic farming in 1982. His farm, just West of the James River in North Dakota, has been certified Biodynamic® by the
Demeter® Association for over 31 years! Not only has Fred been a dedicated Biodynamic® farmer, but he has also been a strong public and private advocate of organic farming – working with universities, extension agencies, local and federal government agencies and many others to further the growth of organic farming locally and nationwide. He has written many publications, books and hundreds of speeches in support of soil building and other farming practices that the organic and Biodynamic® farms embrace.

Our miller is Gary Thelen of Freeport, Minnesota. Gary is a third generation miller who took over the 100+ year old historic flour mill from his father, Walter. The mill has been in his family since 1903 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. As a young man, Gary worked on the family farm and was married to Sharon in 1982. In 1985 he began to focus more on the milling operation and in 1998 he completely took over the mill. Since then Gary has been carrying on and growing the family business. On December 27, 2011, two days after Christmas, Gary’s entire historic mill burned to the ground. With much encouragement from family, friends and business associates Gary rebuilt a new mill on the same site and struggled to rebuild his business.

In the Fall of 2011 Lynda had an idea . . . what a great gift it would be to bring a Biodynamic® Whole Wheat Flour into the world. And, as she shared this dream with her daughter, Jessica, the question arose, “What’s holding you back?” This simple question was the beginning of our journey to ISIS Biodynamic®.

Lynda began to seek out a stone-grinding flour mill and luckily, through a friend in the industry, was able to locate one. We needed a place to put it and thought of Gary back in Freeport trying to recover from the fire. We asked Gary if he would house the mill and make our flour. He agreed and the mill was installed, inspected and certified by the Demeter® Association.

Meanwhile Lynda and Jess had been making periodic visits to the Stone Barns Center for Agriculture in New York to see Fred Kirschenmann. We mentioned to Fred that we had purchased a mill and wanted to make Biodynamic® Whole Wheat Flour from his Wheat. Fred loved the idea and agreed to grow the Wheat for us.

The rest is history, or should we say, the future! We are also delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Whole Foods Market team, and appreciate their dedication and support of providing Biodynamic® products nationwide.

We truly hope ISIS Biodynamic® brings something delicious and fruitful to your kitchen and life!


With love,

Lynda and Jessica Rockwell

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