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Fred Kirschenmann converted to Biodynamic farming from organic farming in 1982.  His farm, just West of the James River in North Dakota, has been certified Biodynamic® by the
Demeter® Association for over 31 years!  Not only has Fred been a dedicated Biodynamic® farmer, but he has also been a strong public and private advocate of organic farming – working with universities, extension agencies, local and federal government agencies and many others to further the growth of organic farming locally and nationwide.

Fred is currently a Distinguished Fellow for the
Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, President of the Board of Directors at Stone Barns Center for Agriculture at the Rockefeller Center, Convening Chair of Agriculture of the Middle, Chair of Whiterock Conservancy and a board member of The
Food Alliance, The Nature Institute and Silo’s and Smokestacks National Heritage Area.  Fred also manages Kirschenmann Family Farms in Windsor, ND.

Although we would love to list all of Fred’s current life accomplishments, the list goes on continuously.  Fred is truly an amazing human being.  His dedication to his work, the planet and all of the things he has done personally astound us, as I’m sure they will you.

Fred is the former Dean of Curry College in Milton, MA, the former Chairman of the Department of Religion at Yankton College in Yankton, SD.  He is also the former president of
Farm Verified Organic (FVO), the only IFOAM accredited organic certification offered in the United States and the former President of the Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society.

Fred has achieved the Seventh Generation Research Award from the Center for Rural Affairs for work in sustainable food and farming systems in 2001, he’s received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Iowa Farmers Union in 2006, the Glynwood Medal for Distinguished Leadership in sustainable Agriculture in 2008 and most recently the James Beard Foundation Leadership Award in 2011 among other awards.

Fred’s most recent book,  “Cultivating an Ecological Conscience, Essay’s From a Farmer Philosopher” is a collection of essays on farming, philosophy, and sustainability from Fred’s personal and professional life.  Fred received his BA, BD, MA and PhD in the areas of religion and philosophy.

Fred’s most recent accomplishment is receiving the IFOAM One World Lifetime Achievement Award.  The OWA is to honor individuals, projects and innovative ideas that promote ecological, economic and social improvement. The awards are co-sponsored by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) with 800 member organizations in 120 countries.  This is a coveted award that is presented every two years.

We are humbled every time we meet with Fred and are beyond Grateful to work with him in bringing Isis Biodynamic® to you.


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